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Let’s go outside!


Something Spectacular, A Rock's Journey

Now available!
Illustrated by Carly Allen-Fletcher
Muddy Boots Books, Ages 5-9

It takes the earth a long, LONG time to make a rock! Especially a spectacular one. Something Spectacular, A Rock's Journey will show you just how a heart-shaped rock came to be, beginning 300 million years ago and onward to today! This day! It's really quite exciting.

"It began beneath the bottom of a forgotten sea, as part of something spectacular..."

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Carmela goes deeper into the story behind the story as a guest of Beth Anderson, Children's Writer Blog. Come on over!

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Can Princesses Become Astronauts?


Do princesses play with gadgets and gears?

Some of them grow up to be engineers!

The universe is a big, BIG place filled with endless possibilities for an everyday princess. Dream along as a little girl and her family imagine what she might be when she grows up. A chef? An astronaut? A flower fairy?? One thing is for certain, not even the sky is the limit when you believe in yourself. Blast-off!

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Can Princesses Become Astronauts? comes with 20 empowering thoughts for the day. Check out this powerful Power Thoughts Activity.
Instructions here

Think of all the possible possibilities!
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