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Wild Zoo Train
Coming October 1st!


Wild Zoo Train is heading down the track and will be pulling into the station on October 1st! Check out a few early reviews from NetGalley below.

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pink stars
Susan M., Reviewer
The next time I go to the zoo, I am going to be looking for the Wild zoo train. It's a ride I want! It's amazing all the different places and animals you'll see. It's a delightful picture book that is delightfully written. I enjoyed the rhythms of the telling in this story. The illustrations are fantastic! I recommend this book for anyone of any age as it made me smile and laugh with joy. I used to do story hour at the public library and know that this would be the perfect book to read and show! All kids, regardless of age would enjoy this book!

pink stars
Carl J., Educator
Two things that my grandson loves are animals and trains. This book combines them in a humorous way that he loved. The illustrations are comical and the repeating noises of the train had him "reading" along with me. It was a simple story with rhyme that will have kids asking over and over to read it again. A great story for kids, especially a good read before a visit to the zoo.

pink stars
Richelle Z., Reviewer
Love, love, love this book! Both our boys adore trains and this was the perfect story to help their imaginations run wild. Ride along on the Wild Zoo Train and travel all over the globe and beyond Earth... The repetition and rhyme in the book help early readers join in the storytelling. The illustrations are bright and wonderful. There is always something new to see if you just take the time look again. This book truly knocked it out of the park for us. It will be enjoyed for years!

pink stars
Lori S., Reviewer
"...This book is and will leave everyone laughing while teaching about the different habitat requirements ( space, food, water and shelter) too. The content is brilliant and the illustrations are just ...Cho...Cho..Cho..WILD."

pink stars
Tara S., Reviewer
"...My youngest absolutely LOVED this book."


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