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Celebrate WORLD READ ALOUD DAY with a REAL author!

Authors from around the world will be Skyping with classrooms FOR FREE all day on February 24 in observance of World Read Aloud Day.

First you'll need to sign up here on the official WRAD page to find just the right author for your class. (Each slot is 20 minutes long.) I'll be visiting with younger elementary kids and hope to hear from you!

What to expect on WRAD:

We'll exchange Skype addresses before the big day.
During our 20 minute visit I'll tell you a little bit about myself.
I'll read one of my books to the students.
We'll have time for Q & A!
I'll share with the class my favorite MUST READS.

Can't wait!

 THE TUMBLEWEED CAME BACK wins the 2014 Colorado Book Award!!


Did you know that sometimes Super Heroes are gluten-free? A new super hero named Violet totes around a copy of Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears? throughout this new Cheerios commercial.

DO PRINCESSES WEAR HIKING BOOTS? comes to life, pixar-style. Daisy crown, can-do spirit, and all. Oh my goodness.

After tireless work by illustrator, Mike Gordon and Screaming Pixels animator, Keith English, here debuts a 45 second clip of DO PRINCESSES GET BUTTERFLIES?

Turn up your speakers! When completed, this 2016 film festival short will be approx 7-10 minutes long!


Bring Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots to your classroom with top-notch lesson plans and exceedingly fun activities created by Marcie Colleen. All the major subject areas are covered; ELA, math, social studies, science, history, plus more. All for FREE! Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots Guide.


Princess Party brochure Stores, libraries, schools and home parties,
WELCOME to an exciting addition to my website!

How To Host A Hiking Boot Princess Party!

READ ALL about it in the printable party brochure. Further links will lead you to recipes, crown instructions, a new hiking boot princess game, Tic-Tac-Bingo, and MORE!

Let the parties begin...


There's no better time than RIGHT NOW to scoot outside for some sun and fresh air. Grab a coat or sweater and some shoes (maybe a hat too) and join 1000 Hours Outside Challenge. Read 100 fantastic reasons to spend more time outdoors here!!

Are 1000 hours too much of a commitment? Then how about Hike It Baby's 30 Challenge. Way cool organization, with local Hike It Baby groups all over the USA and Canada.

Carmela Coyle: balloon

Read the interview that explains why little girls are so ready for the "hiking boot princess."
Read the true story of when Annie asked the title question.
Publishers Weekly talks prim, prissy... and powerful princesses...

Reader Ella  Do Princesses Scrape Their Knees
Ella, a new fan, shows her latest soccer moves... right out of the pages of a book!

Carmela Coyle: balloon

Check out DIY SUPER HERO emblem templates, daisy crowns and more!

WATCH my latest (first!) video as I demonstrate how to make silk daisy crowns just like the ones in the books!

Can you find all the mini pink balloons floating around my website?
How many can you find?