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 THE TUMBLEWEED CAME BACK wins the 2014 Colorado Book Award!!

Pick up a copy of BOOTS today and read for yourself why Carmela's book is on Amazon's Best Sellers List for Children's Self Esteem and on the 10 Best Book List for kids at The National Center for Self Esteem.

"It's more important now, than ever before, to help children unfold into their own splendid uniqueness."

The Tumbleweed Came Back


THE TUMBLEWEED CAME BACK is the 2014 featured book on 52 Great Reads interactive map representing the state of Colorado at the annual Library of Congress's National Book Festival. So if you're in the D.C. area on August 30, stop in! It's FREE to the public. 10 a.m to 10 p.m.


We "wooed and hooed and jumped high five"! THE TUMBLEWEED CAME BACK won 2014 Colorado Book Award for Children's Literature category!! Illustrator, Kevin Rechin and I are honored to be acknowledged for our peppy little book about perseverance, determination... and tumbleweeds!

A resounding thank you to Colorado Humanities and The Center for the Book. What a dedicated group!

Many of you may not know that TUMBLEWEED went through 4 rewrites to become what it is today; rollicking and rhyming. And... interestingly, I loved each one of those uniquely different versions.

Princesses are everywhere... even at the campgrounds. I am giddy to announce the sixth book in my princess series, DO PRINCESSES MAKE HAPPY CAMPERS? due out late early 2015. (Pssst... it's my very favorite of the series so far. You wont want to miss this one!) More exciting details to follow.

Carmela Coyle: balloon

"It all started with a question. Doesn't everything?"

Three cheers for my daughter, Annie! Her persistent questions became the title of my first published children's book, DO PRINCESSES WEAR HIKING BOOTS? Of course every good question deserves a good answer, or at least a point in the right direction. As you may have noticed in many of my books, I'm quite fond of Q and A. But did you also know I am equally fond of metaphors? (THE TUMBLEWEED CAME BACK.) And whacky humor too? (THANK YOU, AUNT TALLULAH!)

Read the interview that explains why little girls are so ready for the "hiking boot princess."
Read the true story of when Annie asked the title question.
Publishers Weekly talks prim, prissy... and powerful princesses...

Reader Ella  Do Princesses Scrape Their Knees
Ella, a new fan, shows her latest soccer moves... right out of the pages of a book!

Carmela Coyle: balloon

Check out DIY SUPER HERO emblem templates, daisy crowns and more!

WATCH my latest (first!) video as I demonstrate how to make silk daisy crowns just like the ones in the books!

Can you find all the mini pink balloons floating around my website?
How many can you find?