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Illustrated by Carly Allen-Fletcher

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Have you ever held a rock in your hand and wondered:

How did this come to be?

Something Spectacular, A Rock's Journey takes readers on an epic journey through time. Through ice ages, meteor showers, and earthquakes, readers experience the formation of an ancient treasure.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the present, a little girl sets out on a hike with her family.

The two parallel stories collide when the little girl finds something SPECTACULAR on the side of a trail—a treasure forged over the course of hundreds of MILLIONS of years all leading to this very moment—the discovery of a precious heart rock.

Illustrated with Carly Allen-Fletcher's lush and vivid paintings, Something Spectacular is a geologic adventure with heart and wonder. The perfect book for rockhounds young and old, or anyone who has ever wondered about a rock!

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Carmela goes deeper into the story behind the story as a guest of Beth Anderson, Children's Writer Blog. Come on over!

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Muddy Boots, Hardcover Picture Book, January 2023, ISBN: 9781493065684


"Calling all Earth science teachers, geologists old and young, rock collectors, and nature lovers! This powerful picture book is a must-have, whether in the science classroom or on your shelf at home! Using vivid language and illustrations to match, this text makes the reader pause and contemplate the centuries of history held within a single rock. Such a neat message about the story contained in a piece of stone, and great whether teaching author's craft, Earth science, or encouraging children to wonder about the beauty to behold in the natural wonders of our world! I don't know about y'all, but when my child picks up rocks, I have rarely stopped to think about the history and the journey contained in each tiny stone, but I certainly will now!"
   —Love and Excellence