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Illustrated by Mike Gordon and Carl Gordon

Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever? Carmela Coyle: balloon

Your favorite princess has met her match! Join in the fun as two little girls celebrate their friendship by playing dress up, making forts, stomping in the mud, and generally doing all the things that best friends do. Together they learn that being a princess is about more than just crowns and dress up. It's about being yourself and sharing that with a friend. Of course little brother is happily included from time to time. And as always their dog joins in the raucous.

Princess Best Friends

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Taylor Trade, Hardcover Picture Book (ages 3-8), December 2010, ISBN: 978-1589795426

Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever?


"After a four-year hiatus, Coyle and the Gordons are back with another Do Princesses...? title that will have readers laughing as the little girls go through Mommy's clothing drawers for dress-up items, strew crumbs all over the living room floor, and have a pot-and-pan jam in the backyard. The illustrations (e.g., a bewigged pup gazing in a mirror, little brother trying to escape his stroller as he rides by caged monkeys at the zoo), drawn by Mike and colored by his son, Carl, are absolutely hysterical and beg for a second look."
   —School Library Journal

"Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever? is a delightful illustrated book about two girls who spend a day in creative, fun play activities together. Whimsical pastel illustrations make the verse play date descriptions hilariously real."
   —Midwest Book Review

"This book is very cute and perfect for young girls to learn that friends are important, as well as the responsibilities that come with having friendships. While it is not hinted in the writing itself, the illustrations show these two girls coming from different cultures: one is black and the other is white. This in turn adds to the theme of the book that friendship can cross color/culture boundaries."
   —Patricia's Particularity

"Princesses come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. Though this bunch of books doesn't hesitate to bring out the pink and sparkles... the stories go far beyond fashion, royalty, and charming princes..."
   —School Library Journal