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  • For the birds...
    • Place 7 pennies (dating pre-1982) in your birdbath to prevent the growth of slimy algae. (Note: Don't use pennies in a fish pond! Copper is not suitable for fish.)
    • A few drops of organic raw apple cider vinegar will keep your bird bath water fresh.
    • Change birdbath water weekly.
    • Birds need water all year-round. Consider a birdbath heater for cold, winter months. Available from Songbird Essentials. Or look for a solar birdbath at garden centers.

  • More tips from The Spruce for keeping our feathered friends cool, comfy, and clean all summer long and beyond.

  • Got a 4th grader? Every kid can be a part of the National Park program with the "Every Kid in a Park" program.

  • Become a Junior Ranger!

  • For ages 6-12, The National Park Junior Ranger program is full of interesting fun. Go here to find the Junior Archeologist Activity Book and let the adventure begin.

  • Do Princesses and Super Heroes Hit the Trails? These easy Birdseed Biscuits are the perfect treat for our feathered friends. Plus it's a great excuse to play outside!"

  • Which water bottle is safest for your children?
    My family and I use Lifefactory glass water bottles for hikes and everyday out and about. Check out Inhabitots informed list of the best and safest water bottles on the market.

  • National Wildlife Federation offers an informative page about the benefits of outdoor playtime and what it means for your child.

  • Be sure and check out NWF's KIDS Page. It's loaded with fun projects, crafts, games, etc for the whole family.