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Illustrated by Mike Gordon and color by Molly Hahn

Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears?

Two very young, would-be super heroes explore the world around them in this lively new tale. Follow along with the rhyming text as they build a get-away spaceship from boxes, save their stuffed animals from certain peril, and escape the tickle monster!

Carmela Coyle: balloon

After five successful books in the "Do Princesses" series, Carmela turns her attention to a different childhood fantasy in this wonderful new story about imagination and play.

Carmela's son, Nick, with his fearless plush shark, Swimmy, was always creating something adventurous out of cardboard. "And off Nick, Annie and I would go saving the world inside Nick's 'hi-tech' spaceships and submarines," she recalls. Now, she's hoping children everywhere will discover that being a super hero may not be all that far-reaching after all . . .


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Taylor Trade, Hardcover Picture Book (ages 3-8), May 2012, ISBN: 978-1589796935

Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears?


"A truly lovely little book!"
   —The Garden Window (read the full review)

"...always fun, portraying an idyllic existence that includes lots of outdoor adventures, an impressive array of pretend play props, an improbably expressive teddy bear, and a pet dog with superhero aspirations of his own."
   —Publishers Weekly

"From making blanket capes to cardboard spaceships, this book is a nostalgic romp through a child's imagination. Funny and charming, with a great message about being an everyday hero, it will surely win the hearts of youngsters and their adult counterparts. Bright, interesting, and comical illustrations with whimsical touches highlight the text well."
   —School Library Journal